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Land Grabbing Cases in Mekelle and Wukro, Tigrai


it’s high time that governments at all levels put into effect the proper utilization of land for intended purpose. When that fails to go as planned, confiscation should be enforced actively and effectively. At the same time, land appropriation and acquisition have to be carried out cautiously. Concerned parties can reply to this article if they wish to do so

News Brief

There is no ethnic group that was created by the TPLF in Ethiopia
There is no ethnic group that was created by the TPLF in Ethiopia
In the new found freedom ethnic groups are openly expressing their identity and reasserting themselves.

Ethiopia- Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn Addresses the UN General Assembly, 72nd Session

Deconstructing Teddy Afro
Was the State of Emergency removed prematurely in Ethiopia?

Was the State of Emergency removed prematurely in Ethiopia?
Was the State of Emergency removed prematurely in Ethiopia?
The terrorist groups in Diaspora and their supporters are manipulating the situation to weaken the government.

Ethiopians vow to strengthen peace and development in the new year

Ethical Political Leadership for Sustainable Peace and Stability in Ethiopia - a New Year Imperative?

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The Urban Poor-a Vibrant and Veritable Force to Reckon With

Can 365 Years of Climate History Help Prevent Crises in East Africa?
For a long time, a majority of African countries have not been proactively mitigating the negative impact of drought and flood events. To address this challenge, and assessing tree-based data from 1665 through 2014, scientists developed the TANA chronology, a historic dataset named after Lake Tana. World Agroforestry Centre

BBC World Service Expandes New Services For Ethiopia And Eritrea

The territorial integrity of our collective homeland is at stake and it is not a trifling matter

World Future Council awards international prize for best policies to combat desertification in China

Ethiopian federal and state media outlets need strict control

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) new travel warning to Eritrea

Peaceful alternative indispensable in resolving conflicts in Ethiopia

The adverse impacts of hyper urbanization & industrialization on Mekelle & its environs

Ethiopian Tigrai State Regional Health Bureau wins award for tobacco control

Ethiopian Airlines to Start Non-Stop Direct Flights to Sao Paulo

High power transmission lines and distribution stations are in place for GERD

The U.S. wants to deport more Eritreans – Washington Post says

Tigrai State Policy on land restoration wins the Future Policy Gold Award

General Samora Yenus Ethiopian National Defense Forces chief of staff visits China

Ethiopian government lifted the state of emergency today

Teddy Afro: An ethnocentric con artist in Ethiopia

Cyclist Tsgabu Grmay Achieves Remarkable Results in Tour de France 2017

Mekelle Industrial Park Inaugurated today


Tigrai Community in Atlanta 4th year Anniversary on September 9, 2017

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Interview with Aboy Sebhat Nega (Co-founder of TPLF) Part II Final

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