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Oromo organizations joint press statement about current Ethiopian situation, includes Finfine (Addis Ababa), Burayu and the Ethiopian federal system.

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The people of Tigrai and peace loving Eritreans foiled sinister ploy to corner TigraiTigrai and Eritrea

What we expect from 13th TPLF Congress Mersea Kidan

Ethiopia's Stunning Reforms Challenged by Deadly Unrest VOA News

Ethiopia in Turmoil of US, Saudi-Backed Coup, Not ‘Reforms’


Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and the rise of 21st century Ethiopia

The true character of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed comes out as pressure mounts from instability in Ethiopia

Delusional Amhara extremists are leading their people to disaster in Ethiopia

Amhara extremist attack against the people of Tigrai and the nation of Tigrai continues unabated

Achieving solutions with farmers is not radical: why is it so hard?

By Kenny Ewan, CEO of Wefarm

Best ally of Ethiopia, China worried about Ethiopia and slowing investment.

Press Statement by Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Ethiopian Airspace Is Safe

The odd alliances being formed within and outside of Ethiopia are heterogeneous

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali Admits About Commandos sent to Tigrai

Establishing an effective plant biotechnology research to transform Agriculture in Tigrai, Northern EthiopiaPlant biotechnology research to transform Agriculture in Tigrai

Tigrai state President Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael says the Ethiopian federal system is being destroyed

Lemma Megersa and his security apparatus leaders have to stepdown

Ethiopians, Stand Against Ethnic Violence And The Kilil System

Response in a crucible: Dealing with M. Gettaw challenges. By Professor Tecola Hagos

Ethiopian Airlines Partners in Launching of Chad National Carrier

Biniam deserve national award, not Accusation and prison


Establishment of Research-Oriented Teams - GSTS Tigrai call for action
GSTS Tigrai announcement

Tigray Community Association in Victoria presents Ethiopian New Year Party Sept.15, 2018
in Victoria presents Ethiopian New Year Party

Ashenda Tigrai party in Dallas, Texas on August 25, 2018

TDA North America Conference Agust 3, 2018 in Arlington, VA

Tigray Community in Boston Ashenda and Ethiopian New Year party Sept. 8th 2018
Tigray Community in Boston Ashenda 2018

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