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Dr Debretsion G/michael President of Tigrai State said there is no withdrawal from any place including Badme. Finally Eritrean regime agreed for DIALOGUE so Ethiopia is ready to talk detail implementation.

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No moral or political justification to verbally attack, never mind physically harm, Daniel BerhaneBy Haile Tessema

Breaking News: Eritrea to send delegation to Addis Ababa, EthiopiaIsaias Afwerki speaks about peace

A bad precedent set in Ethiopia: ‘Like Oromia, Like Sidama’

EPRDF Executive Committee decision regarding the Algiers agreement rejected by majority Ethiopians

TPLF CC endorsed the EPRDF Executive Committee decision to accept Algiers agreement without any condition. TPLF Press Release

Going backward is not acceptable option for the people of Ethiopian Somali regional state.

TPLF/ EPRDF the past and the future in Ethiopia

EPRDF says ready to fully implement the Algiers peace agreement

Breaking news Ethiopian government lifts state of emergency

President Abdi Mohomud Omar a visionary leader of Somali regional state in Ethiopia.

Lift the state of emergency in Ethiopia, and lose the country

Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America rejects PM Abiy Ahmed to address soccer tournament

Ethiopian Airlines Wins Airline Reliability Award for 7th Year in a Row.

Gratification and Gratitude for the Reemergence of Pan-Ethiopian Agenda & Discerning the Invisible Hand in Ethiopian Politics: Special Message to PM Abiye Ahmed

The Tigrai state government needs to get its priority straight

Is Ethiopia Creating a Revolving Door in its Criminal Justice System?

Andargachew Tsige Secretary General of the outlawed Ginbot - 7 released from prison

This Weeks News

Clan based system of administration versus renaissance in Ethiopian Somali regional state

Message to TPLF Central Comittee, get ready for free political system. Meresa Kidan

Ethiopia and Eritrea must obtain Eritrean Afar consent for any agreement concerning use of Afar traditional landsEritrean Afars

Establishment of National Movement of Amhara and its danger for Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan announced break through to resolve Nile stalemate

Tigrai people have sixty five thousand reasons to be vigilant

Isaias Afewerki the culprit of all mess in East-Africa is ready to be dumped into the dust-pin

What do you think about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed performance so far?

Swapping Ethiopia’s Debt for the Construction of Adwa Pan African University

ReliefWeb reports over 30 thousand Tigraians displaced in March/April 2018.

Is EPRDF alive? Amharic article by Alula Yohannes

Joint solidarity petition from Ethiopian Tegaru residing in Ottawa, Canada. Petition from Ethiopian Tegaru residing in Ottawa, Canada expressing their concern regarding the latest decision passed by the Ethiopian government to give away the Ethiopian territories to Eritrea.

Ethiopian Airlines starts direct flight to Chicago, U.S.AEthiopian Airlines direct flight to Chicago

Time for Ethiopians to start talking and deal with the Agazain movement

Is the main conflict in Ethiopia identity or class based?

EBC and the Ethiopian Federal government double standard exposed

Ethiopian Airlines Marks African Aviation History with 100th Aircraft in Active Service

Ethiopia to invest directly in the Port of Djibouti

Enhancing manufacturing of quality textile produce in Ethiopia

Changing a prime minister would not solve the complex political crisis in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Airline becomes first a350 full-flight simulator operator in Africa Ethiopian Airlines Press Release


Ashenda Tigrai 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Ashenda Tigrai 2018 in Las Vegas

23rd Anniversary party of ASAA-NA 2018
23rd Anniversary party of ASAA-NA 2018

Public meeting call for all Tigraians in North America

Erob Association press statement about the EPRDF decision.

Condolence statement on the passing of Colonel Kibrom Gebremariam (Tegadalai)

ASDA-Denver Chapter Fundraising Event
ASDA-Denver Chapter Fundraising

The 13th Anniversary of RADA - Ras Alula Development Association will be held in Abi Adi, Tembien, Tigrai.

Enderta Regional Development Association Washington D.C. Party 2018
Enderta Regional Development Association Washington D.C. Party 2018

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