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A riposte to Major Dawit’s odious remarks on Tigraians and Woyane


During his tenure as Commissioner of RRC, Major Dawit authorized forced transfer of nearly 100,000 Tigraians to Southern and Western regions of Ethiopia, and thousands of the people died of malaria and poor sanitation By Berhane Kahsay

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Ayder Referral University Hospital in Mekelle has become the only Government Hospital in Ethiopia to perform the first PCI
Ayder Referral University Hospital in Mekelle performed the first PCI
Ayder Referral University Hospital in Mekelle has become the only Government Hospital in Ethiopia to perform the first PCI (Percutaneous coronary Intervention)

Africa’s wannabe Mao with a mustache

Foreign Direct Investment-FDI in Tigrai, Ethiopia
Foreign Direct Investment-FDI in Tigrai

The Flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is boosting in Tigrai. Nowadays, the conducive atmosphere of Domestic and Foreign Investment is becoming a center of attention. Tigrai Public Relations Bureau

Eritrea: Silver Jubilee celebration or commiseration?

This is the Brotherhood plan for America, what is the plan for Ethiopia?

Ethiopia quietly building its air defense systems

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Tolerance and patience have not produced any positive results for Tigrai people

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May 25, 2016
Ethiopia to build another mega hydroelectric plant, Koysha Hydroelectric Dam
Koysha Hydroelectric Dam

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and Salini Impregilo, the Italian construction and Civil Engineering Company signed a contract for yet another brand new mega hydroelectric project, The Koysha Hydroelectric Dam

May 24, 2016
Establishing the Ethio-Adwa Pan-African University: Some Suggestions
A spark of life has been ignited. Following the guidance of African Heads of State and Governments of the African Union, it is quite tantalizing to notice that some African scholars are in the process of considering the establishment of a new tertiary Pan-African University in the town of Adwa.

May 21, 2016
Amhara Region Diaspora Members Held a Successful Meeting in Washington, D.C.
Amhara Region Diaspora Members Held a Successful Meeting in Washington

Hundreds of Amhara Region Diaspora members residing in the Washington D.C. Metro area held a successful meeting at the Ethiopian Embassy.

May 19, 2016

World Bank Supports Ethiopia's Small and Medium Enterprises to Boost Job Creation

Egyptian plane with 66 aboard crashes; terrorism suspected

May 15, 2016
Call for Tutors recruitment GSTS-MU program

May 12, 2016
Eritrean terrorist group armed to the teeth managed to enter southern Ethiopia

Ethiopian National Intelligence and security service ? NISS reported Eritrean armed terrorist group entered Southern Ethiopia.

May 10, 2016
Engaging Ethiopian Amhara Diaspora
Ethiopian officials from Amhara state conducted a meeting with Ethiopian Amhara Diaspora in London. Video by Ethiopian Embassy London

April 29, 2016
There was many empty promises to the people of Tigrai, but not that much action says Zetseat from Mekelle Tigringa Article by Zetseat from Mekelle

April 20, 2016
A letter to Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn,the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia By Duach R.Mach

April 13, 2016
Ethiopian Airlines Express will start 4 weekly flight Service to Hawassa City

Axum is Bihere-Agazians’, and that means
An article about history that might bite some people. Amharic Article By Walete Petros Mekelle

Time travel back to the year 1998 the start of Eritrea and Ethiopia war


Development Association of Shire North America DAS-NA party night in Denver
Development Association of Shire North America Party Night in Dever.

GERD and Ginbot 20 celebration in Frankfurt
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam 5th Anniversary and Ginbot 20 25th Celebration t

Union of Tigrians in Europe - Germany Member Chapter 2016 Event
Union of Tigrians in Europe - Germany Member Chapter 2016 Event

Kilte Awlaelo Schools Development Association 13th Anniversary Reunion

Ras Alula Development Association 11th Anniversary in Chicago

Agazi alumni in North America fundraising event in Boston, MA in July 2, 2016

Atse Yohannes Alumni Association - AYAA reunion 2016

Tigrean-Ethiopian Community Washington DC Metropolitan area event on May 21, 2016

Queen Sheba International Alumni Annual Celebration in L.A

Festival Tegaru Europe 2016 in the Netherlands

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