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Solidarity speech by Dr. Nuur Hassan the chairman of the Ethiopian Somali Diaspora at the TPLF's 40th Anniversary in London

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Politics of envy and lack of discipline will not win elections in Ethiopia
Politics of envy and luck of discipline will not win elections in Ethiopia

As our beloved nation is approaching to a democratic election, there are enormous challenges facing all participants including organized political parties and common citizens.

Ethiopia is too big to fail
Cyber Politicians’ Bad Omen & Critique on the Doomsday Scenario of Ethiopia.Ghelawdewos Araia, PhD

The legend of the great Ethiopian drum

Ethiopia on the Right Track of Renaissance

Yara study confirms 600,000 metric tons of potash annually in Ethiopia

GSK to set up a pharmaceutical factory in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian and Djibouti Joint Ministerial meeting opened in Djibouti

ESAT’s attempt to put gloss on dross is the height of absurdity
Dilwenberu Nega

UNESCO Should Recognize Ethiopian Epiphany as Intangible Cultural Heritage
Ghelawdewos Araia, PhD

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Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki telling the truth for the first time

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March 6, 2015
Ethiopia's $5bn project that could turn it into Africa's water powerhouse
Ethiopia is building the largest hydro-electric dam in Africa

Ethiopia "has enjoyed an impressive economic growth since 2000, averaging 10.9% annually, which has resulted in a 33% reduction of people living in poverty". CNN
It is becoming impossible for ESAToch, Ginbotoch, Gelebawoch and Shaebos to lie and deny Ethiopia is registering "impressive economic growth"

March 5, 2015
The Africa Society of the National Summit on Africa was Held at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C.

TDA and Etio – Witten to build a Primary School in Duramba

How do we understand Gebru Asrat's book "Sovereignty and Democracy"?

March 2, 2015
EOTC versus a kangaroo board of trustees

February 27, 2015
Eritrea's jabber clues its detachment from reality

February 26, 2015
Ethiopian made cactus pear marmalade to be exported to Italy

February 23, 2015
TPLF's 40th Anniversary Colorfully Celebrated throughout the U.S.A and world wide

February 20, 2015
Ethiopia on the Right Track of Renaissance

February 19, 2015
The man who accuses the TPLF of being tribal is himself the epitome of a parochial

February 17, 2015
Isaias Afwerki and his PFDJ generals might have stolen and hid 699 million dollars from Eritrea

February 16, 2015
Ethiopia and Djibouti Chose to Swim Together

February 15, 2015
We are running out of time before fully documenting our history


TPLF 40th birthday worldwide celebrations 2015 - Tigrai Online
TPLF 40th birthday worldwide celebrations - find your city or add one

Lekatit 11 40th Anniversary in Netherlands  - Tigrai Online
Lekatit 11 40th Anniversary of TPLF in Netherlands.

Come meet Engineer Simegnew Bekele  - Tigrai Online
Come meet Engineer Simegnew Bekele.

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