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Good bye Mr. Mercenary we hope you don't lose your head like the Libyan leader.

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Is really Ethiopia a respected country in the eyes of the international community or are we deceiving ourselves?

As Ethiopia enters a critical final phase the puppet masters are extremely nervous
Ethiopia enters a critical final phase

Abiy Ahmed unworthy recipient of 2019 Noble Peace Prize
Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia wins Nobel Peace Prize, he is unworthy of the prize


Norwegian Nobel Committee has awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019 to Abiy Ahmed Ali
Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia wins Nobel Peace Prize

A plea to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee not to desecrate the Nobel Peace Prize

No students should loose their lives while getting education

Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael urges more investment in Tigrai

This Weeks News

Egypt building secret tunnels to take water out of country, says Mohamed Ali
The Egyptian government has laid secret tunnels under the Suez Canal to transport water to destinations almost certainly outside of Egypt despite the country’s crippling shortage, whistleblower Mohamed Ali told Middle East Eye. Middle East Eye


ንኹሉ ህዝብናን ነበርቲ ክልልናን ካብ ቢሮ ፀጥታን ምምሕዳርን ዝተውሃበ ኣገዳሲ ሓበሬታ

Deepening and Widening Crisis in Ethiopia - The Zero-Sum Game Politics and Losing Strategy of the Abiy Government

Ironic peace prize goes to the Ethiopian Premier Abiy Ahmed

Dr. Debretsion the King who reigns in the hearts of the Tigrai people

Hopscotches; ABC: Democracy By Yared Huluf

Battery is running out fast in the Ethiopian regime of Abiy Ahmed

United Tegaru Youth in North America - UTYNA Awards 2019 Laptop Scholarship

Construction of the much awaited Gereb-Giba Dam Mekelle officially commenced

Abiy Ahmed Ali, the worst dictator in the making in Ethiopia, Tigrai knew it all along. By Lion of Tigrai KA-PH

Open letter from Seb Hidri Civil Society of Tigrai to Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael President of Tigrai

Members of Tigrai Special Forces lost their lives around Dansha town western Tigrai

Ethiopia swings to dependency in its diplomatic relations

Ethiopian year-2011 was year of challenges and triumph for Tigrai

Commiserations Motherland -Tigrai!

saias Afwerki helped Western powers to ruin Ethiopia now they turn to Eritrea

Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael the president of Tigrai strongly criticized the Ethiopian government


Festival Seb Hidri Civil Society of Tigrai in Europe
Festival Seb Hidri Civil Society of Tigrai Foreign Branch in Europe

The 7th Symposium of National Languages of Tigrai – call for research papers
he 7th Symposium of National Languages of Tigrai