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The people of Tigrai have a God given right to defend themselves
Map of Tigrai state
The people of Tigrai are not and will not be a sacrificial lamb for Ethiopia, for EPRDF or any entity.


Policy of appeasement by the EPRDF Government would only embolden hooligans, outlaws, and criminals
New Ethiopian and Egyptian accord

The breakdown of law and order in Amhara regional state has nothing to do with legitimate demand of the peopleEthiopian government and Tigrai

Observing and Analyzing the New Egyptian-Ethiopian Accord with Cautious Optimism

Amhara state security forces seized in Gonder gift from Egypt and PFJD

Industrial parks widening investment opportunities!

African ambassadors suggested President Donald Trump meet African leaders in Ethiopia

High Time for Teddy Afro to Apologize, Be Pardoned and Move Forward Afresh

The Seventh general conference of TPLF concluded successfully in Mekelle city

No parochial deal through GERD cooperation

EPRDF thinks of the Ethiopian people as its faithful flock

The seventh general conference of TPLF opens in Mekelle city, Tigrai

Fight against corruption: some reflection routes for African heads of state concludes Addis Ababa

Dr Debretsion Geberemichael elected as Deputy Head (President) of Tigrai

Sudan and Egypt amassing troops in the border of Eritrea and Sudan.

Ethiopia might be sitting in the largest gold deposit in the world
Ethiopian large gold deposits

EPRDF Executive Committee concludes its long awaited closed meeting

Avoiding a return to civil war and preventing state failure in Ethiopia


Fundraising for our brother Asmelash Kahsay in Africana Cafe
Fundraising for our brother Asmelash Kahsay in Africana Cafe

Union of Tigrayans in Europe UTE conference in Frankfurt
Union of Tigrayans in Europe UTE conference

43rd Lekatit 11 celebration in London Sat. Feb. 17, 2018
Lekatit 11 in Boston 2017

The 43rd Anniversary of Lekatit 11 in Boston, Feb, 10, 2017
Lekatit 11 in Boston 2017

Tigrean-Ethiopian Community Association Washington DC Metropolitan Annual Conference


Members of the Tigrai community residing in DMV area speak out strongly about the current political issues in Ethiopia.

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