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Meles Zenawi-Lifelong Fighter for Democracy and Justice!Meles Zenawi-Lifelong Fighter for Democracy and Justice
Meles paid his life for democracy and justice. He set extraordinarily high goals in the struggle against poverty and backwardness. To implement his bigger dreams-to see a country where democratic rule, good governance and social justice prevails up on free will and full involvement of the peoples.

No War, No Peace - A Panacea for a Rogue StateEritrean president isayass afeworki green with jealousy - Tigrai Online
The thorny Eritrean issue refuses to die down and has precipitated schism among Ethiopians of all political persuasions with respect to its resolution. Some are calling for the Ethiopian government to take a direct military action to discard the troublesome regime and an equal proportion have opted for the preservation of the no war, no peace status quo.
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Remembering Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and all our martyrs. Eternal glory to our martyrs



Snit Radio weekly program For August 11, 2014.

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August 17, 2014

Ethiopian and Sudanese military command to be operational in SeptemberEthiopian and Sudanese military command to be operational in September
Ethiopian and Sudanese defense ministers agreed to establish a joint military force on Tuesday August 12, 2014. The geopolitical and military situation in the region might have forced the two countries to speed up the launching of the joint military force. Why is this so important? If and when Ethiopia decided to launch a military offensive against the one man dictatorship in Eritrea, it wants to make sure all connection to the regime in Eritrea is cut off.

Prime Minister Meles's vision guiding Ethiopia
Amharic Article

August 16, 2014

Why Ethiopian oppositions use religion as cover
As we all know, these political forces that chose to do politics under the guise of religion have different calling names, while they fight behind racist and chauvinist banners. From CUD/’Qinijit’ to ‘Hibret’, from ‘VOA’ to ‘TV Africa’, ‘Deutsche Welle’ to ‘Bilal Radio’, from ‘Jihadawi Harakat’ to ‘Ginbot 7’. These extremists/fundamentalists have been trying to create rift between the Muslim community with Muslims and the government through their agents.

August 15, 2014

Eritrean singers say mother Eritrea is really sickEritrean singers say mother Eritrea is really sick
While the world minds it’s business goes on with it’s life, a tiny new African nation is critically sick and dying. The regime in Eritrea is crumbling down and the worst thing is it is bringing down the whole country with it.

Ethiopia's performance in higher education highlights the sector's successesEthiopia's performance in higher education highlights the sector's successes
The current gross admission for higher learning institutions both private and public institutions in Ethiopia have reached over 500,000. According to the GTP, gross admission for higher learning institutions was expected to reach just 467,000 in 2015. The government achieved more than the target ahead of schedule.

August 14, 2014

Ethiopian Enters into Codeshare Agreement with United AirlinesEthiopian Aviation Academy Recognized as IATA Authorized Training Center
Ethiopian Airlines is pleased to announce that it has entered into a codeshare agreement with United Airlines, effective 30 August 2014. Ethiopian, the biggest airline in Africa, currently flies to 82 international destinations across five continents operating a young and modern fleet.

August 13, 2014

Large Budget is Needed to Beat Poverty in Ethiopia

August 11, 2014

Fallacies of Neoliberal Macroeconomic Policy Prescriptions for Developing Nations:
Meron Wudneh wins the Miss Africa USA 2014 Pageant

August 10, 2014

Ethiopia-Eritrea: Enough must now mean enough

Who is Shabiya’s

August 08, 2014

Ethiopian Aviation Academy Recognized as IATA Authorized Training Center

August 06, 2014

The US-Africa summit is underway in Washington DC but dictators are not invited

August 05, 2014

Ethiopian Takes Delivery of 9th B787, named Great Wall of China
The Fifth National Election And the Zero game of MEDREK

August 04, 2014

US-Ethiopian Summit concludes successful and US companies to invest billions in Ethiopia

August 03, 2014

The Tale of the ‘Trojan Horse’ and Ginbot-7 (part two)

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