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Abiy Ahmed attacked Axum Tsion just after he came to power.

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Freweini Mebrahtu was named the 2019 CNN Hero of the Year
Freweini Mebrahtu was named the 2019 CNN Hero

The problem with the Norwegian Nobel Prize did't start with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
The problem with the Norwegian Nobel Prize and Abiy Ahmed


Abiy Ahmed becomes an embarrassment and problematic to the Nobel Institute and the Nobel Committee.

Wolaytta’s Quest for Democracy, Self-determination and Statehood

Characterizing Neoliberalism: A Bird’s Eye View on Ethiopia’s Predicamentsbr />Egoistic personality and illegal acts of Abiy Ahmed Ali

This Weeks News

'Lost' ancient town uncovered in Tigrai
A village in Tigrai, Ethiopia has been discovered which belonged to the little-known Empire of Aksum - a bustling, sprawling metropolis to rival Rome that survived for centuries. The Empire dominated much of Eastern Africa from the first century BC through to 825AD and rivalled its Roman contemporary in size and power.

Ethiopian Defense Minister Lemma Megersa rejects Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Party
Lemma Megersa rejects Abiy Ahmed

Abiy’s Western Orchestrated “Fake It Till You Make It” Political Crusade and Ethiopia’s Disintegration

The Tigrai people and leadership deserve praise

Why should I marry a fiancé that cheated on me?

The Tadjourah-Balho-Mekele road international highway finally inaugurated

Ethiopia may delay filling Grand Renaissance Dam's reservoir. While everyone is busy with Abiy Ahmed created problems, the fake king is selling Ethiopian national assets. It seems he has agreed to delay filling the GERD.

Ten steps used by Abiy Ahmed to destroy EPRDF and Ethiopian federalism

Thank you Tigrai and Afar people: Prosperity (Medemer) party is buried in Tigrai and Afar States

Transforming Ethiopia’s Developmental State Model for Future Dynamism: A BOOK SUMMARY

TPLF rejects the illegal merger of EPRDF and the party known as EPRDF is officially dissolved

Who are the real killers of the Generals, Simegnew Bekelle, the EPRDF and Ethiopia in general?


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