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Tigrai traditional Tigringa music kudos to our young for keeping our culture alive and flourishing!!!

This Weeks News

A Press Release from Sebhidri Civil Society of TigraiA Press Release from Sebhidri

IROB International Diaspora committee PR IROB Press Release

Ethiopian Airlines receives the largest B737 MAX fleet in Africa

Amhara regional state officials and people clearly rejected the federal system

Author Kahsay Abraha talks about the recently restarted Ethiopia and Eritrea peace talks

Eritrean delegation led by foreign minister Osman Saleh arrived in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa today

FBI to help Ethiopia investigate Addis Ababa blast

The people of Tigrai have said NO to ethnic hatred and retribution others should follow suit

A Response to Karamardh’s baseless and irrational claims against Ethiopian Somali region

Discarding Developmental State Economic Policy is Tantamount to Aborting Ethiopian Renaissance

Where is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed when Tigrai civilians are suffering?

The incident in Addis Ababa today is work of evil and cowardly

No moral or political justification to verbally attack, never mind physically harm, Daniel BerhaneBy Haile Tessema

Breaking News: Eritrea to send delegation to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A bad precedent set in Ethiopia: ‘Like Oromia, Like Sidama’

Clan based system of administration versus renaissance in Ethiopian Somali regional state

TPLF/ EPRDF the past and the future in Ethiopia

EPRDF Executive Committee decision regarding the Algiers agreement rejected by majority Ethiopians

Going backward is not acceptable option for the people of Ethiopian Somali regional state.

EPRDF says ready to fully implement the Algiers peace agreement

Breaking news Ethiopian government lifts state of emergency

President Abdi Mohomud Omar a visionary leader of Somali regional state in Ethiopia.

Message to TPLF Central Comittee, get ready for free political system. Meresa Kidan

Ethiopia and Eritrea must obtain Eritrean Afar consent for any agreement concerning use of Afar traditional lands

Establishment of National Movement of Amhara and its danger for Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan announced break through to resolve Nile stalemate

Tigrai people have sixty five thousand reasons to be vigilant


TDA North America Conference Agust 3, 2018 in Arlington, VA

23rd Anniversary party of ASAA-NA 2018
23rd Anniversary party of ASAA-NA 2018

The 13th Anniversary of RADA - Ras Alula Development Association will be held in Abi Adi, Tembien, Tigrai.

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