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Tigrai Online news Jan. 18, 2021 | ጅግና ሰራዊት ትግራይ ይዕወት ኣሎ፣ ሰራዊት ሶማልያ ኣብ ትግራይ ተቐቲሎም | ኤርትራ ሰራዊታ ናብ ዶባት ሱዳን ኣፀጊዓ።

This Weeks News

‘Extreme urgent need’: Starvation haunts Ethiopia’s Tigray
“There is an extreme urgent need — I don’t know what more words in English to use — to rapidly scale up the humanitarian response because the population is dying every day as we speak,” Mari Carmen Vinoles, head of the emergency unit for Doctors Without Borders, told the AP.

Ethiopia’s worsening crisis threatens regional, Mideast security
The war in Tigray is symptomatic of a national political crisis in Ethiopia, which preceded Nov. 3 but has been exacerbated by the nationalist rivalries that have been unleashed since then. Much of western Tigray may now be occupied by Amhara regional state forces, and a border war has erupted between Amhara militias and the Sudanese military.

Massacre in Tigray at the Mariam of Zion cathedral Aksum and reports of attacks on refugee camps
On Tuesday, 15th of December, Ethiopian federal troops and Amhara militia approached the Mariam of Zion cathedral church in the ancient Tigrayan city of Aksum. It is possible that they thought that Tigrayan troops were sheltering in the church – taking advantage of the ancient right of sanctuary.

Satellites Show Ethiopia Carnage, Showing Conflict Continues
Satellite images show the destruction of United Nations’ facilities, a health-care unit, a high school and houses at two camps sheltering Eritrean refugees in Tigray, northern Ethiopia, belying government claims that the conflict in the dissident region is largely over.

A Heart-felt Gratitude to the Great People of the Sudan!Hailemaraim Abebe

The Amhara National Regional State’s threats to attack the Benshangul Gumuz People

Axumities Awaken, Egypt Hearken Yared Huluf

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