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Tigrai starts its own COVID-19 testing Mekelle

News Brief

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is mine KHAT should be banned permanently Yohannes Gebresellsie (Ph.d)


Commemorate the victory of Adwa with world class Pan African University Yohannes Gebresellsie (Ph.d)

Better to die than to become a servant of the illegal prosperity partyBetter to die than to become a servant of the illegal prosperity party Amlest Tesfay

Tigrai opens its own COVID-19 testing laboratory in Mekelle cityKHAT should be banned permanently

Tigray: KHAT should be banned permanently

COVID-19 could be brought into a house by shoes and live for hours or days

This is great news, FDA approves Abbott Labs' portable, 5-minute coronavirus test machine

Tigrai State government declares state of emergency to stop the spread of COVID19

Prosperity Party Characterizes Oromo Nationalists as worse than the Corona Virus Pandemic deserving annihilation

Stopping Repression, Restoring Telecom & Internet Services in Oromia to Fight the Threat of COVID-19 Pandemic in Ethiopia

Abiy Ahmed Must Stop the hidden war against the Oromo people in Wellega

A Remarkable Challenge for Diaspora: Leveraging Ethiopia’s TVET Programs for Integrating the Internal Displaced Persons into Their Ancestral Homes

Dashen Beer accused knowingly distributing contaminated beer in Tigrai

This Weeks News

TCA Press ReleaseTsehaye Debalkew passed away

Africa Faces an 'Existential Threat' as Virus Cases Spread. While cases across Africa are now above 6,000 at what has been called the dawn of the outbreak, the continent is "very, very close" to where Europe was after a 40-day period.

TDA-NA letter to all Tegaru Associations in North America and Canada Updated

Egypt might be closer to an agreement with Eritrea, to host a new Egyptian naval base on Nora island

Prosperity Party representative says Abiy Ahmed and his party will win 100% in Tigrai

President Isaias Afwerki was ready to abandon the Eritrean struggle for independence in exchange

The Essentials of Woyane II - Part II By Mogos Abraham, PhD

Global Society of Tigrai Scholars (GSTS) urgent call regarding COVID-19

Ethiopia a country on the brink By Ezana Sehay

Strategically misdirected and misaligned GERD negotiation by Ethiopian leaders By Makonnen Tesfaye

Ethiopia: Police must account for missing Oromo opposition leader AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE

Manipulation and distortion of Ethiopian history By Mathza Mathza

It is crucial for Ethiopians to take lessons from the Wuchale Treaty By Molla Mitiku

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam - GERD: At the mercy of World Bank and the USA By Molla Mitiku

The Woyene professors verses the Team Lemma students in Ethiopian current politics

Why did the Abiy Ahmed regime released few political prisoners at this time?

Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael’s serious call for Ethiopians and Eritreans



Woyane Tigrai is the Phoenix, the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal! By Eyob Tadelle Gebre-hiwot

Tigrians perpetual commitment to rescue unity By Molla Mitiku

A piece from my prison memoirs: Remembering Tegadalay and ex-prisoner Mulugeta Hagos Mekonnen By Gebru Boj’Boj

Tigrians should reinforce their unison to move forward By Molla Mitiku

It is Still Voter Suppression of the Ethiopian Peasantry, Stupid! By Makonnen Tesfaye

Ethiopian 2020 election might be a referendum on the existence of Ethiopia

The only safe exit for Abiy Ahmed and save Ethiopia is to use the 2020 election as a face saving to relinquish power

Abiy Ahmed is a traitor-in-chief, who allows Issaias to continue his atrocities in Eritrea

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will visit Ethiopia

The Abiy Government’s Stratagem of Rigging the Ethiopian General Election
By Makonnen Tesfaye

The Past 27 years were Ethiopia's Renaissance Era By Molla Mitiku

Federation is the only way out for Ethiopia
By Teka

Thank you Dr. Abiy! Weyane-Tigrai (TPLF) is gaining Weight and Strength!
By Dr. Amleset T

Ethiopia: Authorities crack down on opposition supporters with mass arrests
Amnesty International says.

Why is resigning a shame for prosperity party and why Tigrai must Vote in May 2020?