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Abiy’s high stake politics could trigger Yugoslavia type disintegration
Yugoslavia type disintegration in Ethiopia

Tigrai should not entangled itself with the messy Ethiopian politics
Tigrai first no Ethiopia

Tigray and Tigrayans the Past and the Future!


President Trump inadvertently disclosed Abiy Ahmed was installed by the U.S.A
Trump says Abiy is a stooge because he saved Ethiopia

It is not the Ex-Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed that deserves Nobel Peace prize but the kingdom of peace-Tigray

AFP Fact Check exposes how the Ethiopian regime doctored a Chinese rocket with the Ethiopian flag

2020 will be the end of the illegal Prosperity party and the birth of victorious real Federalist Forces in Ethiopia

Tamerat Negera wide opened PP’s hidden agenda against Eritrea

This Weeks News

Federation or secession?
Now, influential Tigrayan leaders and academics, including former cabinet ministers and generals, broadly speak of an independent state of Tigray. Mostafa Ahmady for Ahram online

World Report 2020: Eritrea, Human Rights Watch

The illegal Prosperity party (PP) has no room in Tigray-Ethiopia; must go

Tigrai people national conference concludes, Tigrai people rejected Prosperity Party

Did Abiy Ahmed give Isaias Afwerki a Christmas Gift or The Last Supper?

Strategies to nullify Abiy’s agenda of subduing Tigrai

The destructive symbiotic relation of Isaias Afwerki and Abiyot Ahmed

Has the illegal prosperity party become a hijacker?

Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed blocked a Chinese delegation from travelling to Tigrai

The defeated Abiy Ahmed regime places discriminatory policy against Tigrai farmers

The fire ignited by Dr. Berhanu Nega and his media, ESAT is burning Ethiopians throughout

Yet another attack on Leaders of Tigrai and Tegaru. GSTS PR

Has Abiy Ahmed ever practiced what he preaches? Who will save Ethiopia?

Abiy Ahmed: a Machiavellian and unwarranted winner of Noble Prize

Ethiopia to get US$2.9 billion financing package from IMF

The problem with the Norwegian Nobel Prize did't start with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

Member of the Prosperity Party in Minnesota says the party is against federal system in Ethiopia.

Freweini Mebrahtu was named the 2019 CNN Hero of the Year

Abiy Ahmed becomes an embarrassment and problematic to the Nobel Institute and the Nobel Committee.

Wolaytta’s Quest for Democracy, Self-determination and Statehood

Characterizing Neoliberalism: A Bird’s Eye View on Ethiopia’s Predicaments


TDA 30th Anniversary party in Boston on Jan. 11, 2020
TDA 30th Anniversary party in Boston

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