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Ethiopian news today, 66 Ethiopian soldiers sentenced 5 - 14 years for going to Addis Ababa

News Brief

A documentary orchestrated by the treasonous Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed calls the Tigrai people “Bandas”
Abiy Ahmed released new documentary


Pay attention Ethiopians: new national matrix defying Ethiopian toxic ethnic politics

Those who don’t learn from TPLF’s history of land abandonment are doomed to be duped again

Somalia lawmakers wanted President Mohamed Abdullahi to be impeached

The mother of all rallies took place in Mekelle, Tigrai state northern Ethiopia
 Mekelle Tigrai rally December 2018


Abiy's big steps shouldn't obscure undercurrents in Ethiopia
The international community took notice about where Abiy Ahmed is taking Ethiopia.

New Tigringa song for Tigrai resistance gouaila live music by Hiluf Alemu and Dagmawit Tadessen.

The Flynn ‘lock her up’ fiasco and the parallels in today’s Ethiopia

New demonstrations erupted in Oromia and Oromo activists denounce Dr. Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopian, EU Agrees to Establish Ethio-European International Business School

fresh demonstrations erupted in Oromia state and Oromo activists denounce Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed

The Ethiopian Prime Minister needs to stop hovering on air and land

Hidar Tsion or Hidar Zion Festival joyously and colorfully celebrated in the historic city of Axum, Tigrai state.

Abiy Ahmed: The rooster in the chicken coop?

Targeting Tigrians by Abyi and His Collaborators, WHY?


Ethiopian Crowned Best Airlines in Africa Award, for the 7th Consecutive year in a Row

Rotten and Fractured Beyond Repair EPRDF no More: Strategic Emergency Exit for TPLF Part II

This Weeks News

The Proposed Horn of Africa Economic Integration: A Guide for the Perplexed.

Boston Tegaru press release about current situation in Ethiopia.

Eritreans praying for divine intervention to end tyrannical rule

Tragedies of Political Puppetry in Ethiopia

Dissonance With truth and justice

National Security, Leadership, And Survival

Turkish company to build the biggest industrial park in Adi Gudem, Tigrai state

Questioning the Tigrai identity of Raya people is a declaration of war on Tigrai state
Raya people love their Tigrai identity

TPLF should give an ultimatum to EPRDF and the FDRE government sooner than later.
 TPLF should get out of EPRDF

Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael said a coordinated attack against Tigrai state and its people is going on now

Today’s jailers are tomorrow’s prisoners – unending vicious circle?

The optics of corruption, mismanagement, and incompetence

The Federal government needs to stop the madness in Amhara state before it is too late

ESAT TV’s Russian Roulette Politics in Ethiopia

Eritrean Peaceful Demonstrators Message to Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Ethiopian Airlines to Connect Africa with Russia

Where is the Outrage from the Ethiopian Government?

Sahlework Zewde becomes the first female president of Ethiopia

Anarchy and mob-rule in Gedu’s Amhara regional state

Italian Textile Company, Calzedonia Opens a Factory in Tigrai State Northern Ethiopia

Was the Ethiopian Prime Minister ever in danger from the protesting soldiers?

RIP-Environmental Accountability/Answerability?

Reply to Negadras Dawit Gebregziabher. By Haile Gebretnsaie ZeBihere Seraye, Eritrea

Ethiopia gets its first Female and Muslim Defense Minister

Ethiopian Airlines will be increasing its frequency between Addis Ababa and Avinor Oslo Airport

Ethiopia: A powder keg waiting to explode any time soon!!

Amhara National Movement leaders say Ethiopia was created by Amaras

Ethiopian Airlines Pioneers 1st GEnx Engine Repair in Africa

Ethiopian government orders OLF to disarm or federal security forces will disarm them

EPRDF the Ethiopian ruling party elected Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as its chairperson>

Have your say! What do you expect from the 11th EPRDF organizational congress in Hawassa?

The people of Tigrai and peace loving Eritreans foiled sinister ploy to corner Tigrai

Ethiopia in Turmoil of US, Saudi-Backed Coup, Not ‘Reforms’

Dictators are not born, but molded and shaped

Central Committee Election Hoopla in Ethiopia Incompatible with Parliamentary Democracy

Tigray Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness (TiSC) as a Catalyst for University, Industry and Government Triangular Relationships


If you would like to help those who were and are being deported from Amara state and other places please visit Displaced Tegaru Relief Fund

TDA Boston Chapter presents TDA appreciation party 2018
TDA Boston Chapter presents TDA appreciation party 2018

First All Tigrai Communities Forum to be held in Denver, Colorado in 2019
First All Tigrai Communities Forum to be held in Denver

Fikiri Asimba by Kahsay Abraha Tigringa version will be released in Mekelle and Adigrat
Fikiri Asimba by Kahsay Abraha Tigringa version will be released in Mekelle and Adigrat

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