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The 4th International Conference on Ethiopian Development Studies (ICEDS)
Values that we need to pass on to our kids
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In Praise of Ethiopians
Ethiopian soldier Since about June of this year, the West has been wringing its hands over what to do about the bin Ladenist take-over of Somalia. Ethiopia knew what to do and had its own six-day war. Here's how the Washington Post puts it today:

Islamic fighters who for six months had enforced a rigid moral code in Mogadishu disappeared, some simply shaving their long beards and vanishing into neighborhoods, witnesses said. "We have been defeated. I have removed my uniform. Most of my comrades have also changed into civilian clothes," one former Islamic fighter told the Reuters news agency. "Most of our leaders have fled."

One more 'graph from the Post: It was clear Thursday night that the complex political dynamics in Mogadishu, and Somalia in general, had been completely reordered by the swift, potent military action by Ethiopia. Its tanks, jets and attack helicopters routed loosely organized Islamic militia units that were armed with little more than rifles and pickup trucks with mounted machine guns.

Of those Islamist leaders now fleeing, Ethiopian leaders say, according to the New York Times report: "the government plans to hunt them down."

Michael Ledeen said on Bill Bennett's radio show this a.m. that this proves yet again, when you fight hard against Islamists, they will crumble--you've just got to allow the fight. Our side is often prepared (we know our military is, obviously the Ethiopians were), Ledeen says, they just trust in Allah and don't think they need to prepare. A version of Semper Fi versus Semper Allah.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned here. But in the meantime, bring in the Prime Minister of Ethiopia (Meles Zenawi), give him a medal of freedom. Then send the Ethiopians to Iraq and Afghanistan. Send 'em to Thailand and Iran. And then anywhere else Osama bin Laden calls his fighters to take over. Read more

Report of The Monitoring Group on Somalia Pursuant To Security Council Resolution 1676
eritrean support to the ICU Of somalia

A. Support from states and arms traders As was the case during the previous mandate, ending in May 2006, the Monitoring Group notes the continuation of an expanding number of states – ten...

Eritrean support to the ICU

(a) On 26 April 2006, a shipment of arms consisting of AK 47 assault rifles, PKM machine guns, RPG 7s and a variety of ammunition arrived on a dhow at the seaport of El Ma’an. The arms were from the Government of Eritrea and were destined for the ICU
Read more it gets better!

TPLF Fighters The galant TPLF fighters who made history. We will remember them forever!!! Glory to them.
Jan. 02 2007
War in the horn
UTNA stands for the preservation of Ethiopian Unity and National security
Abraham and Eden in DC
Somali troops capture Islamic stronghold
Government to disarm the capital within three days
The War on Terror Hits Africa
Eritrea blames Washington for Somalia war
Somalia's prime minister: Major fighting over
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's Speech to the Parliament ( January 2 ,2006 )
ANALYSIS-Somali Islamists fought wrong kind of war
Kenya arrests as many as 10, 2  men with Canadian passports including an  Eritrean army colonel
Jan. 01 2007
Ethiopia says will stay in Somalia for "few weeks"
Country and Ethiopia Will Use One Passport, Somali Minister Says
Two Ethiopian soldiers killed in ambush attack
Jan.19 2007
Eritrea warns of Somalia ‘quagmire’ for Ethiopia
Ethiopia gives U.S. a New Year's gift in Somalia
Minister Denies the Combination of Country and Ethiopia
EDU Expresses Joy Over Victory
Ethiopian leader says troops won't stay long in Somalia
Lundin ups Eritrea focus with Sanu investment
Humiliated Eritrea blames US for Somali war
Ethiopia proves its readiness, capability to efficiently thwart security threats
Somalia says captured foreign pro-Islamist fighters
Kenya closes border with Somalia, locks out thousands of refugees
U.S. aims to stop Islamic extremists fleeing Somalia
Ethiopia hosts African Super Cup
Jan. 03 2007
At last, a glimmer of hope for Somalia
Ethiopian Incursion Raises New Questions About Forging a Solution for Somalia
Uganda, Ethiopia Taming Somalia
Egypt "understands" Ethiopia's Somali intervention
Lake may 'predict climate change'
Jets, Artillery, Tanks led Ethiopian Millitary Offensive in Somalia
government to disarm the capital by force
Allied forces hunting down Islamists in Somalia-Kenya border
Rice Announces $16 Million in Aid for Somalia
Somalian government, Ethiopian troops battle militias
US helped Ethiopian choppers target Somalia Islamists
Jan. 04 2007
Ethiopia will pull out troops within two weeks, says prime minister
Al-Qaida No. 2 urges Somalia's Islamists to fight 'crusaders'
UN leader pushes African peacekeepers for Somalia
Anti-Ethiopian protests rock Somali capital
Somalia's Islamists vow to heed al-Qaida
Experts question Al-Qaeda call for Somalia jihad
Peace force proposed for Somalia as Qaeda threatens
Ethiopia, Eritrea must stay out of Somalia
Jan. 06 2007
Police arrest 4 OLF members at Dadaab
Ethiopia versus the Islamists
Ethiopian fighter jets bomb Somali town
Ethiopian forces overrun Somali border towns
Somalia shows U.S. has learned
West must step up to help Somalia
Jan. 08 2007
US Somali air strikes 'kill many'
Eritrean government desires to attack Ethiopia using blood of Somalis
Ethiopian Forces Will Leave Immediately After Deployment of Peacekeeping Forces.
Canadians reported captured in Somalia
Egypt's Mubarak, Eritrea's Afwerki discuss stabilizing Somalia
The Great Chase
Former Members of Radical Somali Group Give Details of Their Group
Dr.Negasso Gidada

I. The Socio-Economic Situation

When speaking about social questions, it is important to remind ourselves, again and again, that Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries on this globe. We do so, and have to do so, not because it is a fact but because we wish that this situation changes. We must do this, also because it is a paradox that 31,000,000 of the 72,000.000 people of such a rich country endowed with enough natural and human resources are living under the poverty line, meaning, are earning less than 45 cents a day.... Read more

World must understand Ethiopia's action, says British minister
Jan. 09 2007
World Bank OKs funding to Ethiopia to fight famine
Ethiopia's PM says only one U.S. strike on Somalia
Somalia says al-Qaida embassy bombings suspect believed killed
New U.S.-Ethiopian strikes hit south Somalia
Ethiopians are our natural neighbour but not our natural enemy
Rejoice for and Learn From Somalia
Egypt emphasizes stability in Arab Gulf, Horn of Africa
Ethiopian PM: War against terrorists in Somalia almost complete
An Interview with Mohammed Taha Mohammed-Nur Tewekel
By Awate team New
Jan.10 2007
Ethiopian and U.S. forces pursuing al-Qaida terrorists in Somalia, operation not over
Former Ethiopia Leader Mengistu Handed Life Sentence
A Somali Jihadist: We're Not Al-Qaeda
Organic farming 'improving Ethiopian yields'
Ban "takes note" that Somali TFG welcomed US, Ethiopian "involvement"
Eritrea Backs Away From Somalia
The thorn in the Horn of Africa
Jan.11 2007
Gun battle mars Somali peace deal
Somali warlords agree to disarm, government says
UNHCR sends supplies, emergency teams to Somalia and Ethiopia
Somalia's Future
U.S. Says African Troops Needed in Somalia Urgently
Ethiopia's Askale sets Dubai Marathon record
Local adoptive families pledge to share Ethiopian culture
Eritrea warns of "consequences" for U.S. in Somalia
Ethiopia making strong MDG progress
Lidia Tigrai Online chose Lidia Schaefer as a person of the year for her extra ordinary work to build a high school in FeresMai,Tigrai, Ethiopia. Lidia raised $258,000.00 USD single handedly for the school. More
Jan.12 2007
Somalian troops 'seize' last Islamist base
UNHCR sends supplies, emergency teams to Somalia and Ethiopia
Ethiopian troops search for weapons in volatile Mogadishu
Lion start roaring Gives birth to insurance cub
Somali parliament approves martial law
Jan.13 2007
Ethiopia and the US in Somalia get Good and Bad Press
Somalia reverses broadcaster ban
Ethiopian leader meets President Kibaki over Somalia conflict
Addis Ababa shows concern over presence of Ethiopian rebels in Sudan
Ethiopians sweep men’s, women’s marathons
Ethiopians win Houston marathon
Religious Crackdown in Eritrea underway?
Trial in Qatar Airways hijack case opens
Rural Ethiopia Ignores Law Against Child Brides
Somali, Ethiopian troops seek attackers
Commission Obtains Over 18 Million Birr From Tourism
EOC Patriarch holds talks with Sudanese President in Khartoum
Jan.16 2007
Dr. Mulu Becomes First Woman to Rep. Africans in the World Bank
Security Council broadly supports reducing U.N. force in Ethiopia and Eritrea
Parliament sacks Somali speaker
A letter from PM of Ethiopia to the Leader
Kenyan, Ethiopian leaders vow to stabilize Somalia
Another front in clash with radical Islam
Dublin dental nurse visits Eritrea
Yemen Upgrading Coastal Defense With Selex Radars
Jan.17 2007
Eritrea Plans Its Revenge
Ethiopia pulls troops out of southern Somalia
Islamists Held Trying to Flee From Somalia Into Kenya
What next?  Other African countries must replace Ethiopia's forces soon
Film depicts journey of Ethiopian Jews
Down but not defeated
Q: Was Italy Defeated in Battle By An African Nation?
Eritrea warns of Somali 'quagmire'
Jan.18 2007
Mortars hit Somali presidential palace, Yusuf inside
Ethiopia 'set for Somali pullout'
Ethiopia’s FM urges Eritrea to stop support to opposition, Islamists
A Tyrant Tossing with Terrorism in Today’s Eritrea
Eritrean steam dream of rail link with Sudan
Orthodox Epiphany fills streets of Ethiopia capital
Eepco in Negotiations With Indian Firm on Wind Power Plant
Germany ready to assist AU peacekeeping force to be deployed in Somalia
Somali gunman attacks Ethiopians, 4 die
World Vision's Ethiopia Work to Benefit from 'The Big Blow'
Identity: Who do you think you are?
OLF Captives Say Were Trained, Armed By Eritrean Government To Fight Ethiopia
African Union Approves Peacekeeping Troops In Somalia For Six Months
African Union backs Somalia plan
Jan.20 2007
Kenya sends Somalia Islamist suspects - lawyer
Ethiopian officer escapes assassination in central Somalia
Ethiopian Minister Birru At Tobb
Missing weapons in Somalia pose risk
Heavy weight warlord lays down weapons
Jan.21 2007
Malawi set to deploy troops to Somalia
Ethiopia's foreign minister meets Somali president in Mogadishu
Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, Islamic leader in Somalia surrenders
Ethiopians with Jewish roots eager to get to Israel
Somalis in Ethiopia hesitant to return
Humiliated Eritrea blames US for Somali
Isayass hiding behind somali women Only ten days ago, the Eritrean government predicted that the Somali Islamists, which it supported with arms, troops and training, would win its proxy war against Ethiopian troops. Humiliated by the total defeat, Eritrea's President now puts the blame on Washington... Read more
TDA DC Chapter successful night
Jan.22 2007
Ethiopia starts Somalia pull-out
As Ethiopian Troops Withdraw, Somali Transitional Gov't Faces Delicate Balance
Family fears for man swept up in Somali fight
Exotic Ethiopian Eats
Artist, professor to talk on Ethiopian art during Museum Nights
Photographer raises Ethiopia's profile
Eritrea Security Forces Detain Dozens of Christians, "Burn" Bibles
Trapped in the desert by a bad law
Four deported to Somalia despite a pending court case
Toronto party night
fund raising to build a stadium
Jan.23 2007
Four high ranking Eritrean military brass caught at the border Somalia and Kenay.
Somalia's lesson -- don't always trust the locals
U.S. Launches New Strikes In Somalia
Analyst Sees pros and Cons to Ethiopian Troop Withdrawal from Somalia
Ethiopia to stay in Somalia until AU force arrives, says Meles
Saving Ethiopia's forest, and its cutters
EEPCo Pushes to Speed Dam Project after Delays
Farmers engaged in animal breeding
30,000 protected from malaria, vector-borne diseases
Jan.24 2007
Ethiopia is not in war against Islam - PM Zenawi
Faced with intransigence, Annan suggests cuts to UN Ethiopian-Eritrean peace mission
Ethiopian soldier dies in Somalia
Ban Ki-moon proposes extension to UN Ethiopian-Eritrean peacekeeping mission
Reflections on four years in Ethiopia
Israeli-born Ethiopians can now donate blood
Jan.25 2007
Ethiopia: No Security Vacuum in Somalia
Ethiopian Supermodel Raises Money for African Village Women
Ethiopian minister visits Khartoum Refinery
Yemen steps up security at ports to guard against possible al-Qaida infiltration from Somalia
Al-Qaeda on the run in Somalia: US official
Change policies or face reprisal, Zawahri tells US
The gift of speech
Jan.26 2007
Yemen accuses Ethiopia of holding Yemeni
Greece teacher using books to form a link with Ethiopia
Book on Ethiopia inspired by dream
Old problems rising anew in Sudan and Ethiopia?
Resumption of Air Strikes Signals Continuing US Surveillance of Targets in Somalia
Eritrea: Auditor General Wins International Award
Afeworki’s presidency over matters of a region in crisis
Jan.27 2007
Ethiopian PM Zenawi elected as Nepad Executive Committee Chair
Arab Nations supported Ethiopia's Invention in Somalia
No danger of Ethiopia-Eritrea war - Meles
Starbucks ruffled by success of coffee documentary
Ethiopian Government Signs Letter of Intent With Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
More Ethiopians to quit Somalia
TFG President says Eritrean government responsible for against Somalia
Jan.29 2007
U.N. cuts Ethiopia-Eritrea peacekeeping mission
Professor visits Ethiopia, develops generation of journalists
Somalia Far From Stable as Ethiopian Troops Return Home
Oxfam Welcomes Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Intention to Work with Ethiopia on Coffee Project
AU snubs Sudan, gives presidency to Ghana
Red Cross repatriates 400 from Ethiopia and Eritrea
Big Tobacco all huff, no proof
Jan.30 2007
Meles Winds It Up in Somalia, interview
Starbucks respond to Ethiopian issue
Mottaki meets high ranking Ethiopian officials
Ethiopian troops surrender arms they seized from Islamists
122 Ethiopians deported after a month's detention
Oxfam takes on Starbucks
AU decision to make Ethiopian Millennium African festival said great diplomatic, moral victory
"I might be born and raised in America,but I am proud of my Ethiopian heritage!"
By  Henock Minassie New
Jan.31 2007