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Eritrea begging Kenya to help it rejoin IGAD

President Kibaki of Kenya

Eritrea has asked Kenya to help it  rejoin IGAD.

Eritrean Ambassador to Kenya Beyene Russom delivered a message from Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki  to President Mwai Kibaki.  President Mwai Kibaki said Kenya was willing to work with all pro-peace neighbouring states in the region.

“In his response, President Kibaki welcomed Eritrea’s decision to rejoin IGAD subject to the Government of Eritrea’s support for regional peace initiatives,” said a PPS statement to the newsroom.

President Kibaki of Kenya

President Kibaki asked Eritrea to support regional peace initiatives before joining EGAD

During the meeting, Kibaki and Ambassador Russom discussed the issue of visas for Eritrean nationals visiting Kenya.

After the lapse of the agreement for the abolition of visas between the two states, Kenya reinstated a referral visa regime with respect to Eritrean nationals.

However, Kibaki assured the envoy that the issue of visas for Eritreans was being addressed by the relevant government agencies.

In the message, President Afewerki said his country viewed Kenya as bastion of peace in the region.

The Eritrean President, therefore, requested for Kenya’s intervention to have Eritrea rejoin IGAD.

In his response, President Kibaki welcomed Eritrea’s decision to rejoin IGAD subject to the Government of Eritrea’s support for regional peace initiatives.

During the meeting, the President and the envoy also discussed the issue of visas for Eritrean nationals visiting Kenya.

Kenya knows Eritrea is destabilizing the horn of Africa

The Eritrean government has been supporting many terrorist groups in the Horn of Africa.  Eritrea is trying Especially harder in Ethiopia to overthrow the Ethiopian government. Kenya finally realized how destabilizing Eritrea is to the region including Kenya. There has been many repots on Tigrai Online for the past few years.

The late Prime Minister of Ethiopia worked so hard to make sure the Eritrean regime of Isiass Afewerki is isolated in the region.  The international community knows about the terrorist activities of the Eritrean regime because Ethiopia used it’s diplomatic muscle to expose it.

Now economically broke, militarily weak and diplomatically isolated Eritrea is begging Kenya to help rejoin IGAD. As long as Ethiopia is opposed to Eritrea joining the IGAD, Kenya will never do anything to help Eritrea.

High Level Government Delegation Briefs Ethiopian Diaspora

Ethiopian Diaspora from D.C.

High Level Government Delegation Briefs Ethiopian Diaspora Members in the D.C. Metro Area  

Ethiopian Diaspora from D.C.

Ethiopian Diaspora from D.C.

By Tsehaye Debalkew Oct. 27. 2012
Washington D.C.  Tigrai Online

Tigrai Online-A high- level Ethiopian delegation led by the Speaker of the House of the Federation the Honorable Kassa Tekle Birhan, apprised members of the Ethiopian Diaspora on topical issues pertaining to peace,  sustainable development, investment and the on-going Growth and Transformation Plan which is  currently in full gear in Ethiopia during  a briefing session held @ the auditorium of the chancery of the Ethiopian embassy in Washington D.C.

The visiting team made its maiden briefing in the US after it made a similar tour to Canada and intimated a packed audience of the Ethiopian Diaspora congregation domiciling in and around the Washington Metropolitan Area and other nearby satellite cities with the current issues of the day.

The high-powered delegation elaborated on the prevalence of peace and the auspicious socio- economic and political environment that is investment- friendly presently obtaining in Ethiopia and the impressive strides that Ethiopia has registered to-date in all fields. 

The delegation also dwelt at length on the on-going Growth and Transformation drive by citing the unhampered double-digit growth observed in the last decade earning the nation as the premier non-oil producing country to register a pioneering growth rate in the entire continent.

The delegation brought to the attention of the attendees the measures that have been put in place to facilitate and encourage Diaspora engagement in all ventures of national development, investment and the transfer of skill, knowledge, technology, expertise, professional and networking and other enabling resources. The delegation gave ample opportunity for the Diaspora members to raise questions which were adequately answered.

 Responses focused on concerns raised by the attendees pertaining to the wide investment opportunities, equitable economic development and good governance. The Honorable Speaker of the House of the  Federation who also doubles as Board Chairman of the Amhara Development Association /ADA/ briefed the meeting by referring to the achievements of ADA to-date. In this connection he stated that it has implemented development projects worth 1.5 Billion Birr benefitting millions of people in the Amhara Regional National State which is the locus area of its operation by and large focusing on the social sector during the last twenty years since its establishment on May 28, 1992, he re-iterated. 

Members of the Diaspora expressed their readiness to take part in the nation building project and reaffirmed their unflinching and indomitable support to the Ethiopian  government for its efforts to positively change the image of the with the tri-polar objective of sustainable and equitable development supported by all the more  bolstering the democratization process  of the nation country by obliterating poverty and backwardness and acceding the nation to be a member of the middle income countries of the world in the not too distant future.

Why was Abune Mekarios sent to Eritrea by Ginbot-7?

Abune Mekarios

Why was Abune Mekarios sent to Eritrea by Ginbot-7?

Birhanu Nega’s crambling organization Ginbot-7 has been trying to get to power in Ethiopia by any means necessary including by waging a bloody war. They have been telling the Ethiopian people in three months, six months or next year we will march to Addis Ababa. There is one tiny problem to achieve their goal, they don’t have any army in fact they don’t have a single soldier on the ground except the imaginary once.

Abune Mekarios

Abune Mekarios in EritreaAbune Mekarios in Eritrea

Why was Abune Mekarios sent to Eritrea by Ginbot-7 after Prime Minister Meles died?

Nothing or no one could stop them from dreaming and spreading lies. Every time they think there is an opening for them to get to the throne at Menlik palace they would not leave any stone unturned. One such time was when the late Prime Minister was sick in a hospital. The Ginbot-7 mouth piece ESAt was broadcasting fabricated propaganda outright lies about the Prime Minister and the eminent collapse of EPRDF.

Meron’s comment on the visit of  Abune Mekarios to Eritrea

Many people are still shocked by what this ‘pope’ is doing. He is encouraging for a war, and he went far to Eritrea for that purpose? What a moron. He has been successfully brainwashed by the extremist Ethiopian politicians in the diaspora. We know what these extremists repeatedly preach, and he their victim. He doesn’t know what the people in Ethiopia would say him. The Golden people of Ethiopia have shown us what the real situation of Ethiopia is. I am very proud of my people. The extremists, including this ‘pope’, have been working everything they can to ignite conflict and chaos in Ethiopia even by cooperating with sworn enemies of Ethiopia (Eritrea being one). After watching the graceful reaction from the Ethiopian people to the death of our respected Prime Minister Meles, some of these extremists started to openly insult the public. Some of them went far and say “Our people f***ed us, our people betrayed us…Meles Bemotu Gedelen,…”. They have shown their contempt to the Ethiopian people very openly. Yes, the people back home have learned that these extremists will not have any place in Ethiopia, and their thinking is outdated.Of course, for few of these extremists like this ‘pope’, it has become business now. They cannot lead their life unless they preach hate and enmity. That is how they collect money from the innocent Ethiopians in the diaspora. The paradox is these losers sing “Emiye Ethiopia Emiye Ethiopia, Ethiopia kidist Ager…” now and then, but they don’t have any love for it.People such us this ‘pope’ might keep crying, but they will not bring any change except puting themselves under public observation. His prophecy will not have any effect!The reality on the ground is very different. The Golden Ethiopians people have shown that there is no place for hate preachers and extremist. It is the people who are back home that can always take the lion’s share in deciding the fate of their country, and and they have spoken out loud that they will be guards of their country from any enemy, and will work hard to lift their country out of poverty. This is the realty. Proud of our people. God bless Ethiopia!

Birhanu Nega, Dr “No-matter-what” is living in a fool’s paradise*

Dr. Birhanu Nega

Dr “No-matter-what” is living in a fool’s paradise* Birhanu Nega

These days nothing seems to be working for the founder, owner and de facto Chairman-for-Life of Ginbot 7, but there again when have things gone right for Dr Birhanu Nega in Ethiopian politics? His chequered political history so far has more blacks than whites.

Dr. Birhanu Nega

Dr Birhanu Nega“No-matter-what” is living in a fool’s paradise*

In the 2005 National Elections, protest vote in Addis Ababa momentarily bestowed upon this hitherto eminent nonentity a celebrity status, only to see the astounding mistakes he committed ensuring his fall from grace. While in prison, although he managed to publish a book that became an instant bestseller, it failed to secure his triumphal comeback into mainstream politics. In self-exile, while he succeeded in becoming the fountain head of opposition politics, he has so far, failed to live up to deliver on his promise to “remove EPRDF by hook or by crook.” Much to his chagrin and disappointment, EPRDF has, on the contrary, ploughing ahead from strength to strength so much so the post Meles Zenawi clarion call is for more of the same.

On a personal note, I think it would clear the air if I, in a capsule form, explain my reasons for shadowing G7 in general and Birhanu in particular in my writings on the blogosphere. It’s not that I get a kick out Birhanu-bashing. Rather, it is because I feel a deep sense of anger at the destruction of lives and homes of young and educated Ethiopians abroad who had contributed their hard earned savings for what now has proved to be a worthless cause – Ginbot 7. It appears that the money they ‘invested’ in the “crusade to rid Ethiopia from the ruling EPRDF” has, instead, ended up in getting rid of poverty from the homes of G7’s ruling clique. Another reason for having a constant go at particularly Birhanu is, God forbid, imagine if power-hungry Birhanu Nega succeeds in becoming the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. I genuinely believe that he will abolish every gain the country has so far achieved, that my children and the next generation of Ethiopians would end up having no country they can call “Ethiopia”.

Somalia Sorted, Eritrea Next

Eritrean President Isyass Afeworki

Somalia Sorted, Eritrea Next

Things are not looking up for the ostracized Eritrean dictator who has been at the apex of the EPLF since the 70’s. His reign is slowly but surely coming to an end and this fact seems to have finally dawned on the recluse President and appears to be preparing the ground for a suicide mission. The ageing and ailing Eritrean leader is no longer as visible as he used to be, and many of the government functions are performed by the corrupt high ranking members of the military who are making huge amounts of money from trafficking their own people.

Eritrean President Isyass Afeworki

Eritrean President Isyass Afeworki

Repression, absence of basic necessities and forced conscriptions are causing the exodus of numerous young and old Eritreans in search peace and better lives in foreign lands. Unfortunately, many of these victims of the tyrant end up as sources of human organs for the ruthless and inhuman Egyptian Bedouins. The recent defections of the two trusted Eritrean Air Force pilots commandeering the one and only presidential plane to Saudi Arabia unequivocally indicate the magnitude of the dictator’s predicaments.

Press-ganging has been taking place in Eritrea for nearly two decades and shows no sign of abating. But lately the intensity has increased and hundreds of people are being rounded up and dispatched to the concentration camps in Sawa. Darkness has descended on Eritrea as a result of the persistent power outages; and this may have been the reason why the EPLF leader is herding town dwellers into confined inhospitable areas, more than ever before, so that he could keep an eye on them.

Bread rationing has been the norm ever since Esayass declared war on Ethiopia. Now water is also is in short measures and whatever is available is distributed late at night and this is causing the people tremendous inconveniences as it is disrupting their daily lives. The hardship is set to continue as the Eritrean President has lost his sponsors, Mubarak & Kaddafi, and the support from the Diaspora and Qatar is fast dwindling. The proceeds from the newly created mining sectors are unlikely to ameliorate the grave conditions under which the Eritrean people are living at the present moment.

Mobile Banking to be Introduced in Ethiopia

Mobile banking in Ethiopia

 Mobile Banking to be Introduced in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the few remaining African countries to introduce mobile banking. With the booming economy and a population of 80 million this country could be the next gold mine for mobile banking companies.

Mobile banking in Ethiopia

Mobile banking to be introduced in Ethiopia

Mobile banking has proved to be a lucrative venture in the developing world, where large parts of the population belong to the so-called “unbanked.” In Africa, only Ethiopia and Zimbabwe do not provide mobile money services. That will change soon for Ethiopia.

This is a wonderful development for Ethiopia economy. Mobile banking is spreading in the third world like wild fire and Ethiopia is just catching up to the rest of Africa when it comes to the cutting edge technologies like cell phone usage and mobile banking. The introduction of mobile banking will make Ethiopian businesses more competitive with their counter parts in the neighbors and the world.

Mobile banking is a routine business tool in the western world not a luxury. Even though it is a good idea to wait a little before adopting a new technology, mobile technology has been around for a long time. It is time tested,and proved by banks around the world. It is safe and fast way of doing banking.

Ayele Says

Thanks God, One of my biggest headaches is about to go away. One thing about bank workers in Ethiopia is they suck your energy and by the time you finished your banking after an agonizing wait, you just want to go home. Those people in the bank who sat on their hands for long time will have a lot of time to sit on their heads now.
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Somalia Sorted, Eritrea Next

Lufthansa Technik to Support Ethiopian Airlines 787 Fleet

South Sudan wants to mediate between Ethiopia and Eritrea

Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing and Seattle Anesthesia Outreach Partner to Assist Black Lion Hospital

Re-establishment of TADNA Boston Sub-Chapter

Muslim gangs tried to storm Ethiopian police station

First Materials Research School to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

South Sudan wants to mediate between Ethiopia and Eritrea

South Sudan's minister for cabinet affairs, Deng Alor

South Sudan wants to mediate between Ethiopia and Eritrea

 Newly independent South Sudan plans to help resolve the long-running border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea, a senior official said on Wednesday.

South Sudan’s minister for cabinet affairs, Deng Alor, said Addis Ababa and Asmara had given the green light for mediation talks on thSouth Sudan's minister for cabinet affairs, Deng Alore border, which could start as early as November.It is very nice gesture by the government of South Sudan to try but what are the chances something tangible will come out their effort? From very influential countries like the United States, to international bodies like UN, EU and AU have tried to bring Ethiopia and Eritrean to the negotiating table to resolve their border issue, with no exception they all failed. Ethiopia and Eritrea would benefit the most if they resolved their conflict peacefully. Do you think the South Sudan initiative will be successful? If you think yes/no why?

From Birhane

I believe, we have had five points of pillar negotiation earmarked by his excellency, the late prime Minister and the door was open for negotiation. I also believe that without blaming either party, negotiation was needed badly as the virtual demarcation was based on satellite maps only and still badly splits a house to house and village over village of the same environs of ethiiopian teritory and it could also be from the otherside.
I am from ALITENA area and I know full well that the Europe people will be dissected into so many fragments and worsted to eritrea. To avoid that we need a constructive dialogue so as this villages will not be left out parochially segmented .
I have understood that his excellency Bereket Simon has already stated that “Badme is not ours”, we need to as methodical as cautious as we can be at least not to give a free ride again.
let us give Peace a chance as that is the last and best resort. However, we need to watch out that Ethiopian Interest is fully served this time with out a hush! Can we do that? if we do, why not a flipping chance?

Lufthansa Technik to Support Ethiopian Airlines 787 Fleet

Ethiopian Airlines B787 Dreamliner

Long-term contract for the first 787 customer in Africa – Ethiopian Airlines

News Release – Ethiopian Airlines
Addis Ababa, October 25, 2012
Lufthansa Technik is expanding its involvement in the provision of technical support for the Boeing 787 by signing a long term contract with Ethiopian Airlines. Ethiopian Airlines, the fastest growing airline in Africa, is the second 787 customer, next to Japan Airlines, to have appointed Lufthansa Technik to provide component support for its modern long-haul fleet.

Ethiopian Airlines B787 Dreamliner

Africa’s First, Ethiopian Airlines1st B787 Dreamliner

The Boeing 787 Total Component Support (TCS) contract signed in Addis Ababa with Ethiopian will run for a term of ten years. Following the delivery of Ethiopian first 787, named “Africa First”, in August, Lufhtansa Technik has taken on the role of providing material support using the existing material pool in Germany. Services include repair and logistics for three Dreamliners already in Ethiopian fleet and the remaining seven on order after they have been delivered.

Lufthansa Technik has already been assisting the Star Alliance member with support in optimization of the MRO organization with a team on site. The Hamburg based company, Lufthansa Technik, already provides component support for Ethiopian Q-400 and MD11 aircraft.

“Ethiopian new contract with Lufthansa Technik for the 787 is a continuation of existing relationship between the two and will greatly enhance Ethiopian MRO by improve its dispatch reliability, reduce maintenance cost and enhance its supply chain management effectiveness and efficiency of this ultra-modern aircraft,” said Tewolde Gebremariam, CEO of Ethiopian.

“We are delighted by the trust that has been placed in us with this second long-term contract for the extensive component support for the Boeing 787,” said Dr. Burkhard Andrich, Head of Aircraft Component Services at Lufthansa Technik AG. “And we are confident that, with our experience, we will also be able to make a substantial contribution towards the reliable and economic operation of this ultra-modern aircraft of Ethiopian Airlines, one of the most important long-haul aircraft for the years ahead.”

 About Lufthansa Technik
With 32 subsidiaries and affiliated companies and more than 26,000 staff worldwide, the Lufthansa Technik Group is one of the world’s leading independent providers of aircraft-related technical services. Lufthansa Technik’s portfolio covers the entire service spectrum of maintenance, repair, overhaul, modification and conversion, engines and components for passenger aircraft.

About Ethiopian
Ethiopian Airlines, the fastest growing airline in Africa, made its maiden international flight to Cairo in 1946 and now the Airline provides dependable services to 69 international destinations spanning four continents.

Ethiopian is proud to be a Star Alliance Member. The Star Alliance network is the leading global airline network offering customers convenient worldwide reach and a smoother travel experience. The Star Alliance network offers more than 21,555 daily flights to 1,356 airports in 193 countries.

Ethiopian is a multi-award winner for its commitment and contributions towards the development and growth of the African aviation industry and in recognition of its distinguished long-haul operations enhanced by the introduction of new routes and products. Recently, Ethiopian won Gold in the African Airline of the Year 2011/2012 Awards organized by the African Aviation News Portal. Ethiopian also received the 2011 AFRAA award for being consistently profitable over the years and has won the “AFRICAN CARGO AIRLINE OF THE YEAR 2011 Award” for its excellence in air cargo. Ethiopian also won the NEPAD Transport Infrastructure Excellence Awards 2009 and “the Airline of the Year 2009 Award” from the African Airlines Association (AFRAA).

With its acquisition of and firm orders for several new modern fleet, the airline is well positioned to pursue aggressively the implementation of its 2025 strategic plan to become the leading aviation group in Africa.

For more information about this press release, please contact:
Manager PR & Publications
Ethiopian Airlines
Tel: (251-1) 517-84-07

Ethiopian Airlines Press Releases are directly sent to Tigrai Online.

Ethiopian Federal police seize weapons smuggled from Sudan

Ethiopian Federal Police have seized a total of 481 pistols and 13,000 bullets at border town of Metema

Ethiopian Federal police seize weapons smuggled from Sudan

Ethiopian security forces an d Ethiopian Federal police have seized hundreds of illegal weapons smuggled into the horn of Africa nation from neighboring Sudan, federal police said on Saturday.

Ethiopian Federal Police have seized a total of 481 pistols and 13,000 bullets at border town of Metema

Ethiopian police in collaboration with regional border guards confiscated the weapons in Metama town in the Amhara region which borders the Blue Nile state of Sudan.

“Police have seized a total of 481 pistols and 13,000 bullets” Fekadu Berhe of the Ethiopia’s Federal Police Media and Communication Department told Sudan Tribune.

The added that a number of smugglers have been arrested during the operations without giving an exact figure.

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Portland declares September 2 to be a remembrance day for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Nyota Minerals unveils 33% increase in indicated resources in Ethiopia gold mine

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Ethiopia frees 68 Eritrean PoW, 7 seek asylum in Ethiopia

The Seamless, Democratic Transition that Dispelled Doomsday Scenarios

Eritrean Air Force Captains Steal Eritrean Presidential Jet, Defect to Saudi Arabia

Ethiopia’s Civil Service Minister, Junedin Saddo fired from his executive position in OPDO

Ethiopian Diaspora Extremists Baseless News to confuse Ethiopians

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will not stop

By Abebe Gebrehiwet.

Ethiopian Diaspora Extremists Baseless News to confuse the Ethiopian people

Abay will beThe Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will not stop built by any means. We will not stop by biased untrue baseless and old information from the opposition groups or ruthless individuals in the Ethiopian Diaspora . In fact nowadays you cannot fool us three times. You have to stop from injecting your hatred, xenophobic slogans by putting out baseless, unfounded, without-any-truth information in your website. If you are an ethical journalist you have to show where you have found or indicate your main source to make it credible to the public.  But now we know why you have started to continuously put false news to confuse the majority of Ethiopians who live out of the country not to buy the Abay Dam bond investment. These are the new tactics you have started to confuse Ethiopians by writing false news, or re-writing the old news as if it is happening now. You have even indicated the news came from WikiLeaks Report, which is a big lie. Anyone can go to and put in the search box the phrase, “’If it comes to a crisis, we will send a jet to bomb the dam and come back in one day, as simple as that. Or we can send our Special Forces in to block/sabotage the dam” the result is “No page text matches.” There is no news from WikiLeaks about Abay Dam recently. There will not be war between Egypt and Ethiopia. Already Egypt and Sudan have accepted the deal between Ethiopia and other Nile Basin African countries; also it was dead end for war between Egypt and Ethiopia when Prime Minister Meles Zenawi laid foundation stone in Apr. 2, 2011 in Abay Dam construction site.

Please allEthiopian Diasporas who live outside of your country do not be fooled by these hypocrites who say to you “do not buy Abay Dam project because Egypt will open war against Ethiopia. This is sheer hypocrisy because a lot of them are buying the Abay Dam investment indirectly through their wives and children’s names without telling you.

This has to stop, and start thinking wisely for yourselves from now on and start to invest your money by buying the Abay Dam bond.   I understand that there are Hedase Dam investment events going on in North America, in Europe, and other countries all over the world in memory of Melese Zenawi and his legacy. Some ruthless Ethiopians in the Ethiopian Diaspora started publishing false information on their web sites.

Experts have said the dam would help Ethiopia fight poverty but also strengthen solidarity and ensure sustainable economic development for all the three countries, including Sudan and Egypt.  I am not in any political group, or affiliated with any political groups.  But I am telling the truth as it is. Also as any concerned Ethiopian citizen, I am advising all Ethiopians all over the world to invest your money, help your poor people, and your country by buying Abay Dam bond, to fight poverty and darkness, which have been crippling the country for centuries. Helping your own poor people and your country is not Politics, or a crime.

Thank you

Abebe Gebrehiwet. 

 Concerned Ethiopian Los Angeles area.