Ethiopian extremists target Roman Tesfaye

 Ethiopian extremists target Roman Tesfaye

Desperate for their political and financial life, they are trying to spread yet another vicious rumor about Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn’s wife. The politically bankrupt and morally corrupted extremists are saying the wife of the new Prime Minister, Roman Tesfaye is an Eritrean and she is going to work for Eritrea. Here is what Ethiomidia one of the hub of the extremist websites said.

Roman Tesfaye

Ethiopian First Lady Roman Tesfaye

Roman Tesfaye was born in a small town near Wolayta soddo called Gacheno from a Wolayta father and mother. She attended her primary education in Gacheno, and soddo Comprehensive High school. After completing her High school studies she went on to study at Addis Ababa University and graduated with her first degree in Economics. Roman Tesfaye also holds Second degree in economics from an Indian university and An American Institution in Leadership.



“Hailemariam may set an EPRDF agenda for the parliament as Roman may set the agenda for Hailemariam. When Hailemariam and Roman had their first daughter, Ms. Roman called the baby girl Yohanna, a name Eritreans began to give in abundance to girls born around the time Shabiya [Eritrean gov't] came to power in 1991. ‘Yohanna’ means ‘congratulations!’ In her early 20s, Yohanna for that matter is a close friend of Semhal, the first daughter of Meles Zenawi.” This is extreme even for the extremists, shame one you.



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Ethiopian extremists target Roman Tesfaye

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