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News Brief

Partiality of African Union-appointed special envoy disqualifies him as mediator in the Ethiopian Civil War
 Partiality of African Union-appointed special envoy
SJT Press release


Delay in peace talks in Ethiopia leads to more public suffering
 Ethiopian Eritrea & Amhara forces out of Tigrai
By Addis Moges

The EU HR/VP Josep Borrell says it is time to stop the forgotten war in Tigrai
 EU HR/VP Josep Borrell

Obasanjo - A seemingly Mediator in the Ethiopia - Tigrai conflict LG Yohannes

US & EU Special Envoys with western ambassadors visit Tigrai

The International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia calls for submissions of evidence

The Risk of Negotiating with A Fragile State: Tigray’s Dilemma Professor Asayehgn Desta

እዋናዊ መግለፂ ሰብ ሕድሪ ዓለምለኸ ሲቪል ማሕበረሰብ

It’s time for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize

Tigrai State Emergency Response Organizing Committee Press Release regarding displaced Tigraians From our archives

Government of Tigrai said the Alula Aba Nega International Airport is temporarily shutdown because of fuel shortage

An Open Letter to Council of European Union: PM Abiy must Not be Funded but be held Accountable for Tigray Genocide By Teka Neguse, PharmD - SJT

International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflicts The Case of Tigray By Mekete Tigray UK

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted, Tigrai Development Association International resource mobilization campaign

Lessons to Humanity—from the Betrayed but Resilient People of Tigray!
The level of atrocities committed on the people of Tigrai is very horrible and very hard to depict in words. It is at the apex of all savage atrocities one could remember in the 21st century. By Tsegai Berhane (PhD) Mekelle University, School of Law

Tigrai Military Command said today the new Eritrean military offensive was beaten successfully

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield the Representative of the U.S.A to the United Nations said Ethiopia cut off Tigrai from the world to delay documentation of atrocities

The Mobilization Processes Utilized by the Tigrayan Diasporas in North America: A Reflection
Diaspora Tigrai
By Professor Desta Asyehgn & Engineer G. E. Gorfu

Tigrai government says committed to further withdraw its forces from Afar territory if some conditions are fulfilled

Open letter to the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Tigrai Mother
Mekete Tigray UK

Ethiopia: Crimes Against Humanity in Western Tigray Zone Amnesty International & HRW

Tigrai School teachers are seriously at riskMulugeta Belay

Ethiopian Abiy Ahmed is the worst of all cruel leaders worldwide Mulugeta Belay

This Weeks News

Eritrea starts big offensive in Ethiopia's Tigray region
Eritrean troops have launched a full-scale offensive in Ethiopia's Tigray region, a spokesman for the Tigrayan rebel group, the TPLF, has said. A US envoy said the US was aware of Eritrean troops crossing into Tigray, and condemned it. The Eritrean and Ethiopian governments have not yet commented on the claims.

Eritrea issues army mobilisation call as Ethiopia fighting resumes, Canada says
Eritrea is mobilising armed forces due to the re-eruption of the conflict in northern Ethiopia, the Canadian government said on Saturday, raising fears that the fighting may intensify in a war that has already displaced millions and triggered a humanitarian disaster across northern Ethiopia.

Statement by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. on World Humanitarian Day
That’s why my Administration committed nearly $13 billion in humanitarian funding last year, to support the efforts of global, national, and local humanitarians, including those delivering food and relief items to Ukrainians under attack, supporting basic needs of the Afghan people, racing to combat growing child malnutrition in Somalia, supporting traumatized survivors of gender-based violence in Tigray, welcoming millions of refugees in Jordan, Bangladesh, and Colombia, and offering life-saving health care in Yemen.

እቲ ሓቅን ቅንዕናን ዝመለለይኡ ውፍይ ሰብን መኸተናን! ብፍፁም ተኽላይ

Call for submissions

The humanitarian aid initiative called “One Diaspora to One Tigrayan Family” witnessed impactful Mulugeta Belay

Open letter to His Excellency Federico Villegas, President of the UNHRC & Her Excellency Michelle Bachelet, UNHCRb Sebhidri International Civic Society

‘Don’t know if they are alive’: anguish of Tigrayan families cut off by telecom shutdown SJT

Tigrayans Not Allowed to Leave Ethiopian IDP Camps

Ethiopia Expels The Economist Correspondent

Family consultant in HOPEWALKS International calls on diaspora Tegaru, international NGOs to donate medical items for the pediatric treatment of children in Tigrai Mulugeta Belay

Italy Suspends military cooperation with Ethiopia because of the war in Tigrai

An Open letter in Support of Dr. Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus
Dr Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus

Eskinder Nega: Defender of Jewish Genocide
SEskinder Nega a great admirer of Adolf Hitler has been relentlessly working to initiate a pogrom against the Tigrian people ever since Ethiopia was liberated from the brutal military government by the TPLF and its partners. By Berhane Kahsay

Ethiopia war: Evidence of mass killing being burned - witnesses

A Call for Peaceful Resolution: An Open Letter to the African Union and the United Nations

The Next Fabricated, Contaminated, and Drama-like "Evidence" by the Prosperity Government

GSTS Position Statement on the Vital Interests of Tigray GSTS

Ethiopian air force bombs yet again the city of Alamata in Southern Tigrai Tigrai Online

Tigrai Army Military Command announced over 80 thousand Ethiopian soldiers have been put out of use in the past few days Tigrai Online

Tigray is still calling for justice to stop mass incarceration of innocent Tigraians Tigrai Online

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Four Eritrean Entities and Two Individuals in Connection with the Crisis in Ethiopia Tigrai Online

Ethiopia: Airstrike on Camp for Displaced Likely War Crime

ብምኽንያት 1ይ ዐመት ዘቑፀረ ዘርኢ ምፅናት ትግራይ ካብ ሰብ ሕድሪ ዝተውሃበ መግለፂ ብ ሕድሪ ዓለምለኸ ሲቪል ማሕበረሰብ ትግራይ

Open letter to H.E. Mr. Antonio Guterres Secretary General of the United Nations from SJT By Teka Neguse, PharmD

365 Days of War in My Home State Tigray of Ethiopia- scary messenger call at 1:25AM By Mulugeta G PhD

November 4, 2020: The beginning of the end of Tigray’s business as usual with Ethiopia and Eritrea Kalayu Abrha

Abiy Ahmed’s War on Tigray: The Descent into Tragedy Eyob Tadelle Gebrehiwot



Urgent Call to Condemn and Stop the Indiscriminate Aerial Bombardment of Mekelle City in Tigrai

Ethiopia’s current so-called Final Offensive against the Tigrai forces is complete and utter disaster

UNSC holds Tigrai Meeting under - Any Other Business

Seven senior U.N. officials expelled from Ethiopia TOL

Eritrea is involved in Tigray to boost its stature. Why the strategy could backfire

30 Organizations Issue Joint Open Letter to UN Secretary-General & Security Council Member States on Ending Violence & Famine in Tigray Sarah Sheffer, Refugees International

President Biden is taking further steps to respond to the ongoing conflict in northern Ethiopia Tigrai Government Press Statement

How Armed Conflict and Mass Atrocities Have Destroyed Tigrai Economy and Food System in Ethiopian Tigrai Government Press Statement

Briefing From The National Government of Tigray Tigrai Government Press Statement

TDA and the past 8 months old war in Tigrai Mulugeata - TDA

Fundraising BBQ For Mekete Tigrai hosted by Tegaru Women for Tigrai in TorontoTegaru Women for Tigrai in Toronto

The TDF army and the Protection of Lalibela Religious /UNESCO Sites SJT

Ethiopia: Troops and militia rape, abduct women and girls in Tigray conflict – new report AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - PRESS RELEASE

A Reflection on Tigray’s Maneuver Action Plan that Routed Abiy’s Allied ForcesProfessor Asayehgn Desta

Open Letter to the: United Nations, African Union, European Union, United Sates Secretary of State, United Nations Security Council Open Letter to world organizations

Urgent appeal for action to relieve a dire humanitarian crisis in Tigray Urgent appeal to President Biden

Mr. Abiy's deceptive "Humanitarian Ceasefire" is officially over, now, before even being real Dr. Goitom Aregawi/Ztseat

Raising 100 million dollars from the worldwide Tegaru diaspora to help the people of Tigrai TigraI Community/Association In Toronto

Open Letter and Petition to President Xi Jinping and the Government of the People’s Republic of China By Mekete Tigray UK

Open Letter and Petition to President Putin and the Government of the Russian Federation By Mekete Tigray UK

The Ethiopian and Eritreans failed to learn from history but Tigrai is winning against all the odds because it is fighting for a cause G. Amare

Crises in Tigray: why Food and Nonfood Aids are Critical?By Kinfe Asayhegn

Hidden horrors in the Tigray War: The allies` ethos of crueltyBy Berhane Gebremeskel

Inviting Foreign Countries to Commit Mass Atrocities in Tigray: How Ethiopia is abusing its SovereigntyBy Professor Desta, Asayehgn

The Crisis in Tigray: a war covered by fog of lies and the truth behind it By Berhane Gebremeskel former Ethiopian diplomat

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